Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

Today Matthew participated in the Pinewood Derby. He was so proud of his car. He modeled it after the Bumblebee car on Transformers. A few weeks back we made a trip to St. Joseph where we passed by a car dealership. They had a real life Bumblebee car, complete with the Transformers decal on the side! Matthew was instantly in love and couldn't wait to make his Pinewood derby car just like that one. I think he did a pretty good job.
Of course he had plenty of help from Matt. They spent many hours cutting, painting and putting it together. They really had a good time together just hanging out in the garage. I didn't really help too much with the construction of the derby car. I just let it be a father/son activity.
Matthew couldn't wait to see what his fellow cub scouts had done with their derby cars. I have to admit, I was impressed. We had some pretty cool looking cars. There was even one made to look like a shark! (it's in the very back)
He was only slightly dissapointed that he didn't win...any of the races. But he got the award for Most Fuel Efficient Car, which is an awesome award in itself.

Pack 400
A pretty awesome group of boys if you ask me.
Last but not least. A special thanks should go to these two ladies. These are the Cub Scout Leaders.
Kelli Holman
Karri Henderson
Thank you for putting up with a rowdy bunch of boys week after week!
Here's a short video of one of the races.


  1. Sweet!!!!! I don't know about the boys but i sure had fun! And i loved Matthew's Bee car. My only regret was that all the boys couldn't win 1st place. But there is always next year for Matthew!!!

  2. The car looks awesome Matthew! Great job!
    ~Aunt Adrienne :)


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