Friday, April 30, 2010

Camera Withdrawals

Short Story: I broke my camera, but I fixed it.

Long Story: One day the family and I were headed into town. I can't recall the reason for our trip, only that I required my camera.
I took out the batteries because they tend to lose engery just sitting in there. In the process I forgot to shut the little door before I shoved it into my purse. The end result was that little door snapping in half. I...was...devastaed.

For awhile I was able to hold the other half of the door onto the camera to get it to work. That worked fine, until I lost the part.


So I went on Ebay and ordered a replacement part. My husband assured me that it's an easy fix and I should be able to do it all by myself. (Yay!)

So I ordered the part and waited....and waited, then I waited some more. I checked to see if it's been shipped, nope. So I ask Matt if he can send the merchant an email and find out why the part hasn't been shipped. Come to find out he's been sick and hasn't been able to send anything out. It's understandable, but still frustrating. On the bright side he refunded all of our money and promised to ship it by the next week. I was fine with that, thinking it would get here before Easter so that I could snap away while my little ones hunted eggs.
It didn't get here before Easter. *Sigh* Ok. Well, at long as it gets here before Megan's Prom then I'll be ok. Nope, didn't get here for that either. As a matter of fact, it arrived the day after her prom. (go figure)

Oh well. It's here now and although I was NOT able to fix it all by myself, it is now functioning again. So today I whipped it out and got a little snap happy with the kids inside. It's all rainy and dreary outside so I'll just have to be happy taking pictures of them inside. And I am.

You don't think they're already tired of me taking pictures of them, do you?


  1. yup, it's crazy, but you never miss your camera more than when you can't use it no matter what! when my camera is working and everything is fine, I forget to use it all the time. but when it's broken or lost or whatever, I always think, "dang! I want to take a picture of that!"

  2. So happy you got your camera fixed. Hooray!! Darling pics of the boys. Kristin and I need to come visit!!!:)



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