Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Mini Photoshoot

Lately my trigger finger has been itching to take some pictures. So when we had a beautiful, sunny, wind-free day, I was quick to usher the kids outside to snap some pictures.

Matthew and I had a little talk after our little "photoshoot." He's been complaining lately that he doesn't like his picture taken. But I explained to him that I take these pictures not only for myself, but for him. So that when he gets older he can look back on himself when he was little. He agreed that he didn't want sad pictures of himself. So we'll try again here soon and hopefully I'll get to capture a happy Matthew.

I think this picture completely captured both of their personalities at the moment. David with his mischevious sideways glance. You know he's up to something...

Just a-swingin!

It's finally warmed up here in Northwest Missouri! This beautiful weather couldn't have gotten here any sooner. I swear if I had seen one more snowflake I would have SCREAMED!!

But the sun is out and the flowers are poking their little heads out from underneath the ground. I'm finally starting to see more green too. It's very theraputic, seeing all that green.

I wondered if David would even know what to do when he was able to go outside. He's had to spend the majority of the winter indoors. No fun. For him or me.

Matt took the cover off of our porch swing the other day and we were able to sit outside and swing to our hearts content. It was wonderful.

We were keeping the front door open to let more sunshine in that day. The screen door was being closed, but it doesn't always latch properly. So Matthew was running in and out and just kind of throwing the door shut but not making sure it was latched. I was able to catch it most the time and shut the door all the way...most the time. David saw the door opened at one point and took full advantage of it and bolted from the house. Only I was in the kitchen and didn't see him. It wasn't until a couple of minutes had passed that I noticed it was awfully quiet and noticed he was gone.

I panicked a little cause we tend to have some people that like to drive recklessly fast down our street. I ran outside, getting ready to shout his name and search the streets.

But then, there he was. On the porch swing, just as happy as can be.

He loves that swing. We've been going outside regularly and he likes to climb up on the swing and just sit. Extra bonus if Matt or I are there to swing it back and forth.

So special thanks go to my parents for buying us that awesome porch swing. We all love it!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Special Ingredients

This morning Matthew had a special cub scout meeting at Dominoes Pizza. They recieved a tour and learned how to make a pizza. They even got to make their very own pizza! I waited outside for him since I didn't have any running around this morning. He came out and very proudly showed me his "masterpiece." He even offered me a piece. As I was eating it, I noticed him watching me very closely. He then asked "Do you like it?" I said "I think this may be the best pizza I've ever eaten!

To which he responded "That's because I sprinkled it with LOVE."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Dad,

I'm going to go ahead and address this to you since you are pretty much my #1 reader. I went through all my posts and labeled each and every one of them. If you look to your left you will see all the labels I added. All you have to do is click on a subject and it will take you too all the posts I've labeled with that. Pretty neat huh? I like it cause if I'm looking for a certain post I can just click on the name and find it a lot easier. Well, I hope you and Momma are doing well. Hopefully we can get the speaker fixed soon so that we can have normal conversations when we get on the webcam. :)

Love you bunches,

Perpetual Motion

Oh, he thinks he is SO funny!

I am so excited! We finally painted our downstairs bathroom! It amazes me how a little paint can make a room look so much bigger.

A few days after we finshed the painting, I decided it was time to start putting some decorations up. My mom had given me these cute shadow boxes the last time we visted. I even repainted them before I hung them up! They look really cute!!

Well, later that day Matt came home. He took a look at the bathroom and told me he liked them. I was in the kitchen so I couldn't see the devious look on his face that I now realize he must have had. Cause later on I walked in and see this...

Yes, those are Transformer figurines that my dear husband put in my cute little shadow boxes. What am I going to do with him?

Dear Pop-Pop and Nana,

Mom and Dad kept us really busy with helping to paint the bathroom.

First we had to tape off the whole room.
Then we got to work! Painting is fun!
It was a lot of work, but it sure does look nice!
Miss you bunches,
Matthew and David