Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Food Offering

Today something funny happened. And then I almost immediately forgot about it.

It wasn't until I was talking to my friend Gina and she brought it up that I remembered.

I think it's hard to focus on the small cute things our kids do with all the chaos that surrounds us on a daily basis. So I decided to share this cute, funny story.

It involves David, which is no big surprise considering he's currently phasing into the world of pretend and is a constant source of entertainment.

I went over to my friend Gina's house to chat and visit, we hadn't seen each other since before Christmas. As we were sitting and chatting David is wandering around and happens upon a box of Cherrios on the dining room table. He brings it over to me with a smile that reads "look at this amazing bounty of which I have stumbled upon!" I have him ask Gina who knows and always teases that refusing food to David will result in very dire consequences.

She very kindly led him into the kitchen and filled a sandwich baggie with Cherrios for him to enjoy on the ride home. As we were leaving we passed by some nativity scenes she had out. In front of them was a small empty glass bowl. David saw such bowl and deciding that no bowl should be left empty, placed a small handful of cherrios into the bowl. Gina started laughing and saying that he was very kind to leave a food offering to baby Jesus. He just went on his way, adorably stuffing Cherrios into his mouth like only a 2 year old can.

These are the little stories I need to remember when he's using me as a playground and I'm wanting to find the cloak of invisibility. Those things don't REALLY they?