Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

Reasons Why I Love Pop-Pop:

By: Matthew W. Shoemaker

1. He likes to play golf, and so do I.

2. Because he's a good man.

3. He tickles me.

4. He used to have a really cool car. I liked to ride with the top down.

5. He's very silly!

6. He's very manley! (notice the eyebrow wiggle here, heehee!)

7. I like his smile.

8. He gives really good hugs.

And last but not least:

Because he's the greatest Pop-Pop EVER!

Happy Birthday Pop-Pop! I Love You!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A.K.A. The Strawberry Bandit

Today was a hot one. So hot that I could barely stand to be in my house. It was much nicer outside. After dinner I was sitting inside contemplating how miserably hot I was when I decided to go outside and check on our strawberry patch. David followed along per usual.

So I'm sitting there, picking strawberries, not really paying much attention to what David is doing. I just notice he's next to me. I was pretty lost in thought, just picking berries and throwing them kind of behind me into the bucket I had brought out with me.
I ended up picking quite a few berries, or so I thought. I turn around after I am satisfied there are no more ripe berries and find that my bucket is near empty.

I look and there is David, with strawberry juice and a very michevious grin all over his face.

Well...I guess at least he got his daily recommended serving of fruit!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday David dear!

Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had one wish, then it would be
a Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!
On May 11th 2010, David Bowen Shoemaker turned 2 years old. It was a pretty quiet day. He played around the house while Matt and I cleaned and organized. We were expecting Matt's mom to come over later in the day but she ended up not being able to make it. In the end some friends of ours, Mike and Beka Parman showed up with their little girl, Brianna, who will be turning 1 next month. David turned into a typical guy, kicking her and then immediately giving her a big smooch right on the lips! *sigh*

That afternoon I made him a cake but didn't realized until it was too late that I didnt have any frosting or the right ingredients to make my own. I know it's not going to win any beauty awards, but everyone loved that cake.

The best part was the look on David's face when he saw it.

Now for some reason that I could not figure out, my camera decided to go all fuzzy as soon as we lit the candles. He was so excited when he got to blow them out.

It took him a couple of tries and some coaching from Dad, but he mananged to blow out both of his candles.

He had himself a pretty good helping of cake and then went back when noone was looking and snagged himself a couple more pieces. Little rascal.

Sidenote: The following present was completely his father's idea. Apparently he found it on sale a few months ago and thought it would be a brilliant idea. I...was not as thrilled.

David got a drumset!

And he sang...
and banged away...

...all afternoon long.

It was actually pretty cute. Not as annoying as I originally thought it was going to be. It's been in the house for 2 days now and has been pretty tolerable. Matthew has even gotten on there and banged out "We Will Rock You" and Matt sang along. It was alot of fun.
Now fast forward to right before bedtime. David was chasing his daddy around the house. He jumped up on the couch and when he saw Matt coming for him he tried some new ninja manuver that didn't go as planned.
He ended up smacking his lip right into the corner of the coffee table. Not a good way to end your birthday.
He was understandably upset for quite awhile, but we let him stay up a little later than normal and let him have as many otter pops as he could stand. (which was only 1)
He's still sporting a fat lip, but even with that...

...he's still the coolest 2 year old that I know.