Wednesday, February 24, 2010

David In Motion

I try to remember to take videos with my camera since we don't have a camcorder, but I don't always remember. I want to be able to look back and not only see my kids in pictures, but also see them in action.

So here's some videos I took just this morning as David and I were bumming around in our pajamas.

Video #1: Watch as David slowly attacks me. You can hear me slightly coughing due to the cold I can't seem to shake.

Video #2: Watch as David stacks his blocks! I love how he watches them as he walks away. Like he's making sure they don't go anywhere.

Video #3: Watch as David howls like a dog! I was trying to catch him doing something else, orignally. I caught him standing with his back to the dog, bending down and looking at him between his legs. He just cracked himself up! Of course he stopped as soon as I got the camera back out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun at Dinnertime...

I try to teach my kids manners. The standard "please" and "thank you". Other things like wiping their mouths on a napkin instead of their sleeves and not throwing their bowls and utensils across the room when they're done. (ok, this mostly applies to David)

But sometimes, we aren't the most well behaved and well, I think it's ok. It's alot of fun and occasionally I decide to whip out my camera and take some pictures.

Case in point.

This was a fun night. Daddy was home and he and Matthew had this whole scenario going. It was hilarious. I love these moments around the dinner table.

Not your normal post. A bit of venting and a Happy Valentines Day

These past couple of weeks has been exceptionally hard on us. Matt has returned to school and is working part time. This means that we don't see much of him and I don't get out of the house to often either. To be honest, this has put a bit of a strain on our relationship. We're just trying to endure until the end. We both know that when he finishes getting his CCNA certification we will be in a better place financially.

So I wasn't expecting much for Valentine's Day. He's usually kind of a Valentines Scrouge. Refusing to do anything because he feels he can get me flowers any other time of the year. To which I say WHATEVER! and try not to feel hurt.

I told him this year I wanted to give "heart-felt" gifts to each other. I took all the letters he wrote me in basic and put them together in a folder. (he wrote me every day for 3 months!) He loved it! I wasn't sure he was going to follow up on our deal, but last night he told me what he got/did for me and I was both shocked and touched.

Back story: I was adopted as a newborn from The Edna Gladney Adoption Agency in Texas.

He decided on how much he would have spent on a present, took that money and donated it in my name to the above mentioned adoption agency. He then said if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be in his life. They are a non-profit organization too, which made even more awesome.

So even though things have been strained, I know that he loves me and we WILL endure until the end. I'm a lucky gal...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You can almost hear the music playing in the background..

I know, I know. I seriously need to get to work and start blogging more. I guess I just haven't been inspired on what to write. I need to take more pictures, that always helps. So until then, I give you this. I call it "The Crying Toddler" tee-hee...

And yes, I take pictures of him when he cries. For posterity of course...