Friday, May 28, 2010

A.K.A. The Strawberry Bandit

Today was a hot one. So hot that I could barely stand to be in my house. It was much nicer outside. After dinner I was sitting inside contemplating how miserably hot I was when I decided to go outside and check on our strawberry patch. David followed along per usual.

So I'm sitting there, picking strawberries, not really paying much attention to what David is doing. I just notice he's next to me. I was pretty lost in thought, just picking berries and throwing them kind of behind me into the bucket I had brought out with me.
I ended up picking quite a few berries, or so I thought. I turn around after I am satisfied there are no more ripe berries and find that my bucket is near empty.

I look and there is David, with strawberry juice and a very michevious grin all over his face.

Well...I guess at least he got his daily recommended serving of fruit!

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