Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh, he thinks he is SO funny!

I am so excited! We finally painted our downstairs bathroom! It amazes me how a little paint can make a room look so much bigger.

A few days after we finshed the painting, I decided it was time to start putting some decorations up. My mom had given me these cute shadow boxes the last time we visted. I even repainted them before I hung them up! They look really cute!!

Well, later that day Matt came home. He took a look at the bathroom and told me he liked them. I was in the kitchen so I couldn't see the devious look on his face that I now realize he must have had. Cause later on I walked in and see this...

Yes, those are Transformer figurines that my dear husband put in my cute little shadow boxes. What am I going to do with him?


  1. i think the transformers rock in there. what a great boy bathroom!!! with a nice homey touch. :) and i love that color of paint. i can't wait to get painting all over my house.

  2. cool! you have a family of hero action figures! pretty sweet. *winks*


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