Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adventures in crafting

Lately I've been wanting to be crafty. I've tried my hand at scrapbooking, it just doesn't come naturally to me. So I've resorted to kids crafts. I used to have so much fun with Matthew when he was little. We'd get out my craft drawer and make silly little things all the time. He's gotten older now and it's gotten harder to get him to sit down with me and craft. Usually he wants to go play with his friends or go be a kid in general. I haven't really pushed it though, I figured he's just not interested anymore. After all he's going to be 10 in August. Aah!

So although I'm contemplating enforcing some craft time with Matthew, I decided today that I would try to be crafty with David. I went online and perused Family Fun, they have so many cute ideas for crafting with toddlers. I found an easy recipe for oatmeal playdoh that seemed like a good idea at the time.

So I sit him down at the kitchen table and set down all the ingredients in front of him. I add the oatmeal and flour and he helps me mix it up. I got the water and made a big deal out of adding the food coloring. He thought that was pretty cool, oohing and aahing every time I dropped it in the water.

We mix it up and he seems ok with it. I start making a snowman and he smiles, picks up the head, and takes a big bite. I try to tell him no, we're not eating, but he takes another big bite and this time says "Mmm!!"

So I clean it all up, I guess he's just not ready for craft time, especially when it looks perfectly good to eat. Maybe next we'll try something with paper. I'm pretty sure he won't try to eat that. But then again, this is David we're talking about.

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  1. ah-hahahah! yeah, at least it was actually edible, if not very tasty. kids and crafts, a delicate balance at very best!


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