Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello little birdie! No, you may not eat my sunflower seeds.

One morning we all went outside with intentions to spend the day in the garden. We did, mostly until it got too insanely hot to be out there. Before we got to work I was called over to the sunflowers to observe something. Matt and Matthew had spotted a couple yellow finches snacking on our sunflowers. So I ran inside, grabbed my camera and proceeded to stalk them so that I could get as close as possible to get a shot. I actually got a couple until my little rhino (aka: David) decided to stomp and sing his way over to them. They promptly flew off. But it was still pretty cool to see what had been munching on our sunflowers. I had noticed a few days before that something had been eating them. Now I know, and I don't mind, they are very pretty birds.
Along with the birds we also had a hummingbird and some really pretty butterflies. But those were way too fast for me to capture with my camera. It was really serene sitting there watching the birds and butterflies that morning. At least until the afore-mentioned rhino showed up. Oh well, he's a cute little rhino.

And here he is, my little rhino. He climbed into the strawberry patch and just as I was getting ready to get onto him he throws his arms out and proclaims "TA-DA!" There was nothing I could do at that point besides take a picture. Sometimes he's just too cute for his own good.

After I was done taking pictures of the birds I discovered my next subject. It was an opportune time to get pictures of the boys. They were both dressed and in pretty good spirits.

Matthew was a good sport posing with the flowers even though he thought they were "kinda girly"

Farmer Matthew ready to go, grass in his mouth and all.

Of course David couldnt' have cared less about all of this. He was just happy being outside and stomping through the grass. I picked a flower for him to hold and he did just that, allowing me to take pictures of him. I kept trying to get a picture of him smelling the flower, but he was too quick for me. Then of course because he saw his brother doing it, he was pretending to eat his flower as well.

Of course no photoshoot is complete without a few goofy picutures.

David watches his brother like a hawk! He is consistently mimicking any and everything Matthew does. It's pretty darn adorable.

This is what I get when I try to get my boys to pose with flowers for too long.

After taking pictures of the boys I went around our property to take pictures of this years garden. I always like to look back at the year before and see what we did that yeaer. This year we decided to extend our garden and have 2. One in the front where the old house used to be, and one in the back where we had it last year. We made the one in the back slightly larger.
The front garden, these are our tomato plants.

front garden still, our corn stalks and zucchini plants.

here's a shot of our back yard looking down from the front. These are our sunflowers and zinnias that line the back fence.

Our first harvest of the season. This is not all of it, just what was ready at the time. We have red and yellow potatoes, carrots, and red, white and yellow onions.

My sweaty farmer man. Thank goodness I'm the one that likes to take the pictures cause I'm pretty sure I looked just as sweaty.

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