Friday, April 24, 2009

Frogs and Flying Babies

Yesterday, Matthew and his friend Jana went out to our concrete pond (aka pool) and caught some of the noisy frogs that had taken up residence there. They caught 16 total!! Jeez! And believe it or not, there are still some in there. They were relocated to the local creek. The frogs, not the kids...haha! Matthew also had baseball practice yesterday. They worked on catching grounders and flyballs and practiced their batting. He enjoyed being outside.

I took these pictures of David just a couple of minutes ago. Matt was outside with him, throwing him up in the air and I instantly was inspired to catch him mid-flight. We had a good laugh looking at them. I gave Matt a workout cause I kept making him throw David up in the air until I caught the perfect moment.
The first one is my favorite. He looks like a giant baby sittin in a tree..haha!!

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  1. LOL He does look like a giant baby sitting in a tree! I like the last one too, I think it is the expression on his face.



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