Saturday, April 25, 2009


I posted a while back about how we had found all these tulip bulbs and that we planted them around a tree. Well they came up...and they are daffodils. No offense to daffodils, I was just really wanting them to be tulips. Oh well. We are going to plant tulips in between the rows of daffodils, I think that will look really pretty. Here are some pics of the flowers.

I went around with my trusty camera and took some pictures of our property.

Here is our dog Dax

Our garden. It's the biggest garden we've ever had. Can't wait to see the veggies of our labor!

We planted:

tomatoes (roma and big boy)

bell peppers



purple and green cabbage



A big dandelion I found in our yard.

So, I wasn't going to post this, but this is our concrete pond (aka pool) We are working on it now to get it all cleaned out. The first step was to get the millions of frogs out. Matthew took care of that for us, so we are now pumping out the nasty water. Then we'll be ordering a new liner for it. we come!! :)

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  1. How exciting to have a pool. I had one growing up. Love your flowers and your garden!!


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