Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Farmer Rabbit King

Matthew's class is having what they call a "Hat Parade". He was to create a hat and make up a story about it. This is the hat he came up with. He made up the story completely by himself.

Once upon a time there was a Farmer Rabbit King.
He had chickens and they had eggs and he always got the eggs and painted on them. One morning when he was going to get the eggs, there were no eggs! He went to the vet and the vet checked the chickens out and he noticed a problem with the chickens. They were very sick with the hiccups. That's why they weren't laying eggs. The Farmer Rabbit King took care of them until they got better. Then when they were better, they started laying eggs again. The Farmer Rabbit King was very happy from then on.


  1. This is just ADORABLE!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting so we could all enjoy it.

  2. What a creative story! Good job Matthew!


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