Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fun with Play-Doh

For Easter this year we got the kids some Play-doh. In the past I've tried making my own only to have David almost immediately try to eat it.
I felt he had matured some since so we decided to try it again. It was like love at first sight. Matt showed him how to make little worms by rolling a piece between his hands. He then spent the next half hour meticulously rolling little worms. It looked like my bed had been invaded! Ha!

Afterwards Matt (the husband) was playing with the play-doh and started applying it to the kids. The end result...Harry Potter kids!!
Matthew and David both donned their father's glasses to complete the Harry Potter look. Matthew found a stick and it instantly became a wand!!
Next up...wall art! This face thing was made by Matt and Matthew. Enough said.
David was inspired by the face thing and tried to make one himself.
This was the end result. I live with a bunch of goofballs!! But I love every second of it.

Quick product review: It's been a few years since I've bought Play-doh. I noticed that they changed the formula. Here's what I like.
~it doesn't become hard as a rock if you leave it out for 5 minutes.
~it doesn't meld with the other colors when you create.
~it doesn't stick to surfaces, or leave a color residue. (which is why I allowed the wall art. They cleaned it up afterwards and you can't tell it was ever there.)
Overall I am very pleased.

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