Saturday, February 21, 2009

These things travel in 3's

Things have been busy. I've been cleaning and organizing my house. It felt really good to get all that stuff done. I even had a couple of friends come over and lend their ears and muscles. Thanks ladies!

Well yesterday as Matt and I were watching a movie, I noticed it was getting noticably colder in the house. So I get up to turn up the heater, but I see that it's already set to 75. Hmmm...

So, after some investingating on behalf of my husband, we determine that our heater is broken. Oh the joys of home ownership. So we call the repairman, but it's a Friday afternoon and he was really busy. So hopefully he will come on Monday.

This morning we headed off to the airport to pick up my mom. We get all the way to St. Joe and realize that we've been driving on a flat tire the whole way. Luckily we had decided to leave 2 hours earlier than we planned. So we head over to the local Walmart to fix our tire. It takes about 45 minutes. Didn't cost a dime cause Matt bought a warranty. Gotta love him.

So now we're thinking what else could happen. These things usually travel in 3's.


  1. No.....don't think like that.......!!! I guess when the 3rd thing happens, now you can blog about it!

  2. Glad you got to the airport!! And sorry about your cold house. Just think the next thing that happens will be GOOD!!!:)


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