Monday, February 20, 2012

David the Dog Whisperer

Tonight during bedtime David came downstairs to use the bathroom. Our dog Maggie is in her dog crate this time of night and inhabits the bathroom.

This little nugget of awesomeness followed:

{David exiting the bathroom} Mom! (in that whiny little boy voice) Maggie told me to be quiet.

Me: No she didn't, David. Do you know how I know?

David: No.

Me: Because Maggie is a dog. Dogs cannot talk, David.

David: Oh... {runs back into the bathroom} Maggie!! {in a voice seething with attitude} You can't talk!!

We all had to stifle our laughter. He is supposed to be going to bed. Laughing at him only delays the process.

 That kid makes me smile on a daily basis. 

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