Saturday, December 4, 2010

Did we ever stop eating?/Cub-Scout-Deputy Shoemaker

I received an email from a friend a few months back and came across it today. It made me laugh then and I got a good giggle out of it again. I even called Matt over and he read it and just shook his head with a big grin on his face. That Matthew of ours is something else. He's funny even when he doesn't know he is.

Here's what she wrote:
Matthew was so cute today, He comes in and I ask him how he is doing, he says great. Mom and Dad had a fight I think it was about food but they made up and everyone is eating again.
This is just so funny, l felt you had to know. He's such a cute little guy, you both must be doing something right. So glad to hear you are all eating again.

He has the funniest ways of explaining things sometimes. I wish I could be a fly on the wall every time he tells a story from home. Because sometimes his perception of what happened is way funnier that what actually happened.

Totally off subject:
For Cub Scouts a couple of weeks ago they were visited by a Deputy Sheriff. He came and talked to the boys. (didn't get to hear any of that) But afterwards all the boys wanted to see his super cool police car. He even let them climb in and turn on the siren for a split second. (so we didn't scare the locals) Right before we were getting ready to leave I requested a picture with the Police Officer (can't for the life of me remember his name, and I should.)
The only 2 boys around were my Matthew and his fellow cub-scouter who is also Matthew. So they got behind the car and hammed it up while I snapped pictures of them.

Deputy Sheriff's in training? We'll see...

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  1. Thx for posting the picture....the Sherriff is Keith Young!


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