Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monsters and Marios

We had a fantastic time Trick-or-Treating in the Maryville Square this year. We had a pretty tight budget when it came to costumes so I tried to be as creative as possible.100_4892

Cookie Monster and Mario…a.k.a. David and Matthew


David is our little Cookie Monster, he lives up to this name on a daily basis. So when we found this shirt at the store one day, we just HAD to get it for him.


I tried to make it a little more “costume-y” by drawing horns on him. Matt insisted they were eyebrows since the original Cookie Monster doesn’t have horns. Either way, he looked pretty stinkin cute.






The tale of Matthew’s costume: One day I went to St. Joseph and stopped by this awesome thrift store. I always find lots of clothes for the kids at super cheap prices. I was stoked when I found these red overalls. I immediately thought of Matthew and how he had been raving about wanting to be Mario for Halloween. I couldn’t wait to get home and show them to him. I just knew he would love them…and he did. But then later, he gently broke it to me that Mario actually has blue overalls and a red shirt. He even gave me a reassuring pat on the back, saying that he was completely ok with it. He said he would just be “reverse-Mario.”

I think about these times when I’m pulling my hair out with him. Because in the end, he’s a pretty amazing kid.

So, Matthew loved his costume. I added a mustache with liquid eyeliner and he pulled it off amazingly. He posed up and down the square so that I could get an adequate amount of pictures.




He posed…


…and posed…



…and posed…


…and posed some more.

Funny story:  While we were walking down the square, Matt scooped up David and put him on his shoulders because we were getting ready to go through a big crowd. A few minutes after we passed them, Matt stopped and said with a frightened expression “Wait…where’s David?” It only took him a second to realize that he was on his shoulders. Of course I took a picture as a reminder of the hilarity. 



The kids got plenty of yummy goodies that Matt and I thoroughly inspected and tested. (as only a good parent does.) A good time was had all around. I can’t believe that Halloween is already over. Where did the year go?

Did I mention that Matthew posed a lot?









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