Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Operation: Matthew's Super Secret Birthday Surprise

For Matthew's 10th birthday we decided to give him a "Not So Extreme Room Makeover." A.K.A.: We repainted his bedroom.

We decided on a Saturday to do it and sent Matthew off to spend the night at a friends house.

"How hard could it be to paint his room?" We thought.

Well, it turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought. But that's just how things go.


So we got in there and moved furniture and taped off the walls. I was excited to start...

until Matt got the paint out.
my dear husband, taping off the walls.

He opens up the can and says "Ummm...this looks more purple than blue."

Me, trying to be optimistic say "Oh, it will dry darker. Go ahead and put some on the wall and see."

So he does, and guess was PURPLE! Not a blue with a purplish tint, but super dark PURPLE.
Note to self: take the paint swatch home and look at it in the lighting of the room, both during the day and at night.

We weren't due to get any money till that next Wednesday. So we had Matthew and David camp out downstairs. Matthew was just itching to know what his present was. He was digging for clues when he asked me why we couldn't just move it into my craft room. (which is David's closet) But when I explained to him that it was much to big to move and definitely wouldn't fit into the craft room he was stumped.

Wednesday finally rolled around and we went and got the paint we wanted. (the day before we got the swatches and checked and rechecked to make sure it was blue and not purple.)

We would paint during the day and then get cleaned up before Matthew got home from school. It would have been pretty obvious what we were up to if we came downstairs covered in paint.

Friday came and it was the day of his birthday. We wished him a wonderful day at school and dashed upstairs to finish up. We didn't get finished until well into the afternoon. But we accomplished our goal to finish it on his birthday.

Tada! All done!!

Oh, and check out his new fan that Matt installed for him.

After he got over the shock of the surprise he ran over and gave us both big hugs and kisses.

It was a lot of work, but seeing his reaction made it all worth it. I sure do love that little guy.

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