Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's a tough life

David crashed this afternoon while watching a movie in my room. It's a rare thing, he usually waits till I put him to bed. So either it was a boring movie or a comfy chair. I'm guessing it was a mixture of both.

He has this thing with his belly, he rubs it as a form of comfort. We find it quite endearing.

I thought about leaving him there to nap, but then his head lolled to the side and I figured he'd be more comfortable in his bed. Therefore sleeping longer. (which I tend to prefer)


  1. LOL, He's so cute! And he's getting SO big SO quick! I hope we get to see you all again soon. I wish things would have worked out so you all could come here for the summer or something. Give the boys kisses for me and keep taken pictures. :)


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