Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, we have this fireplace.

Fireplaces produce ash. Lots of it, especially if you use the fireplace a lot. Which we do since it is getting steadily colder.

Today, David proved to us just how much of a toddler he is by sprinkling the front room with half a bucket of ash and then playing/bathing in it.


Funny thing though, I remember just the other day telling Matt that I thought the ash bucket should be moved outside. I had been finding a various array of toys in the bucket, along with his shoes and a brush. But that’s as far as it got, just a thought. I never acted on the thought.

So this happened. I was actually tickled a little (which is why I took a few pictures) until I had to clean it up. I called Matt in, who was working in the garage, to come help. He cleaned up David, while I got to clean up all that ash. At first glance it didn’t seem like a lot. But once I got down in there with the vacuum I realized just how much he had pulled out.


This was where most of the damage was, but it extended out to the whole left side of the living room.

Now you may ask yourself, “Where was his mother throughout all of this?” Well, I was in the bathroom. That kid moves fast! I didn’t hear one peep from him. He was just silently giving our living room a dusting of ash.

100_2572 100_2574

I guess he also thought he was giving himself a bath.

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