Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Day @ Ft. Riley

Matt had his annual training this past month at Ft. Riley, KS. The boys and I went to Texas while he was gone and we missed Family Day. Our good friends, The Butlers, went in our stead. They are that awesome. I am so glad to have friends that will drive 3 hours to go see Matt so he woudln't be alone on Family Day.

Sgt. Barber and Miriam.
Snacktime with an M16

"The Littlest Butler" aka Miriam

Gina! She. Is. Awesome!

Just call her G.I. Jane...

The Howitzer.

Matt and Miriam in front of the huge Howitzer bullets.

Evan and the huge Howitzer bullets. Woah!

Miriam actually pulled the trigger on the Howitzer. Such a brave girl.

You don't pull, you twist.

Miriam and Evan with some studly dude...oh wait! It's Matt!

*sigh* I do love a man in uniform. Specifically this man.

Evan sportin the Shoemaker hat.

Evan sitting inside the Humvee.

Little Miriam.

Gina took her turn on the Howitzer also.

yet another adorable picture starring Miriam.

Evan learning all about the Humvee.

All geared up and ready to go! Thank you so much for coming out guys. I know it really meant alot to Matt.

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