Monday, October 17, 2011

Silly boys and a BIG surprise!!

Things have been kind of crazy here at the Shoemaker Homestead.
Winter is closing in fast so I've been trying to relish in the last warm days of Fall. 

Last week it was so warm we decided to grab some blankets and soak up some sun. It was just what we needed. 

A few days later Matthew took it upon himself to rake some leaves in the backyard. He then led his little brother out there and they jumped and played. It's days like that that get me through the days when they aren't getting along so well. 
Matthew as the leaf monster!!

 David attempted to be a headless leaf monster also but then quickly decided the itchy leaves were no fun to lay in.

A few nights ago Matt was off working the night shift at Energizer so it was just the boys and I. We went upstairs early that night. (Morning sickness has been kicking my behind and all I want to do is curl up in a bed with a good book.) 

So there I sat in my bed while the boys played. At one point they came in like this:
 Then Matthew had the brilliant idea of grabbing my sweater to put around David.
 Oh, these boys always know how to make me smile. 

In other news we found out that I AM PREGNANT!!!
I'll know more about when my due date is when I go to the doctor but we're estimating at late May/early June.
We couldn't be more thrilled. Everyone keeps asking if we hope it's a girl. Of course we'll take whatever is given to us. A girl would be different, but if it's a boy then at least we'll know what to do with it! Hahaha!

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