Friday, July 10, 2009

Wir sind eine glückliche Familie

A few weeks ago we went to Matt's family reunion. His grandmother immigrated from Germany when she was 16 and she still has a sister that lives in Germany, Aunt Leona. Her and her family flew all the way from Germany. This year was her 60th birthday and seeing her American family was the only thing she wanted for her birthday.

Here is a little piece of family history. Translated by Aunt Karen.

Here are some pics I took:

Matt's ornery cousin Jacob. This kid makes Matt look like a saint! :)

David chowin down on some cake!

David and Aunt Diana-she came up from Texas for the reunion.

Matthew's cousin Monica, sister to Jacob. Just as ornery. But she has a sweet heart.

Matt and Aunt Gloria

Matt's cousin Jessica. You can't tell, but she is sitting on her mom's lap. Poor Aunt Gloria.

Here's the whole gang!

This is the line of paparazzi that were just waiting to take our pictures! Superstars!!


After we ate we went over to the pool for a little fun.

David was a little scared of the water at first, so he just hung out on the edge with his daddy.

Matthew on the other hand hopped right on in and enjoyed spalshing around with his cousins.

Momma Dial hangin out poolside.

Of course someone had to throw someone in the pool. That person happened to be my husband. He overheard his cousin Jessica complaining about not bringing her swimsuit so he took the initiative and threw her in.

He made the mistake of pointing and laughing at her right in front of his own mother, who then took it upon herself to push him in.

Of course that wasn't going to go unnoticed by him, so he got out and him and Jacob (the afore mentioned ornery one) drug her into the pool. Good times.

The day after the official reunion, all of Monika's (grandmother) children and grandchildren gathered at her house for dinner.


Matt relaxing with a full stomach.

This is Matt's cousin Justin, brother to Monica and Jacob. And yes, he is just as ornery as the rest of them.

Little Miss Alexis (Matt's sister)

The lovely Aunt Christina.
She is also the momma to Jacob, Monica and Justin.
But she's not the least bit ornery. At least not to us anyways. :)

Aunt Leona and Matthew. She really took a liking to him. She told me (in broken English) that he was just so cute. And she kept saying something about his cheeks. But hey, can you blame her?

Matt's cousin Ashley.

Matt's cousin Cameron with David.

Aunt Gloria with part of her brood. Joe and Jonathon.



Aunt Gloria

Here's all the girls. L-R: Dianna, Gloria, Christina, Veronica

And last but not least. I present to you some pictures that Matt's siter,Talina took. It really shows off our good sides.

Just keepin it REAL!!

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